As our material handling expertise has grown, we have recognized the need to apply those principles to the transportation piece of the logistics puzzle.



Over time, this area has developed into a stand-alone market segment that directly supports business logistics. This type of effort is often accomplished at locations remote to manufacturing facilities, where in-house engineering staff is less familiar with local conditions and prefers external engineering assistance. We work with port authorities, shipping and stevedoring companies, rail and truck companies, as well as production companies for the various products we handle. Our internal diversity allows us to deliver projects that include both docks and port structures, as well as the material handling to address the docks.
Materials handled include:

» Liquids
» Slurries
» Powders
» Granules
» Pellets
» Chips
» Grains
» Peanut Hulls
Activities include:
» Rail/truck loading/unloading (liquid and dry)
» Ship loading/unloading
» Material separation (pigging and cleanout)
» Dry storage (covered and uncovered)
» Stacker/reclaimer systems
» Wet storage (agitated and non-agitated)
» Pumping
» Dry conveying (belt/pneumatic/screw/bucket)
» Dust collection
» Combustible dust mitigation
» Fire protection systems


Robert Carlton, PE, FPE
Industrial Market Leader
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Dustin Allen
Senior Industrial
Mechanical Engineer
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