The ultimate success and longevity of any manufacturing or processing facility is dependent on selecting the optimal site.


Planning, Civil, Structural, and Infrastructure

This selection may include factors such as road and rail access, utilities, environmental concerns, and soil conditions, among others. Proximity to raw materials and customer base are also considerations. Together, these factors impose major consequences on both capital and operating costs for years to come. Clark Nexsen’s experience in this area includes both greenfield and brownfield retrofits as well as plant expansions.

Once site selection is complete, civil planning is critical to ensure optimal use of the landscape, as well as proper drainage and runoff control, as well as wetland protection.

Of course, any processing facility is only as viable as the foundations it rests upon and the structure that supports it. Clark Nexsen understands the importance of these disciplines to overall project viability, and the design process always integrates input from our experienced civil/structural staff.

Our experience includes:
» Site Selection
     – Wetland delineation/permitting
     – Site & discharge permitting (air, water, stormwater)

» Grading, Drainage, Paving
     – Utilities
     – Natural gas
     – LP air plants
     – Potable water
     – Process water
     – Sanitary sewer
     – Storm drainage
     – Effluent/waste treatment

» Structural
     – Footings, foundations & structural systems
     – Waterfront structures/permitting
     – Building & equipment structures
     – Storage domes 

» Infrastructure
     – Steam & HTHW systems
     – Chilled & condenser water systems
     – Energy management
     – Security
     – Fire protection
     – Power distribution


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