Clark Nexsen professionals have performed design, construction, and start-up services for the industrial minerals industry for more than 30 years, from mine pre-processing, through plant beneficiation, and including packaging and shipping.



Our experience encompasses virtually every wet and dry process commonly used in these facilities, including:
» Crushing
» Slurry make down
» Degritting/impurity removal
» Grinding
» Particle size classification
» Chemical enhancements
» Air flotation
» Dewatering
» Drying-all types and methods
» High temperature calcining or sintering
» Bulk loadout for shipping
» Bagging/palletizing
» Dust collection

Our in-house minerals team has the experience to recommend process steps to achieve product goals as well as the ability to handle and store these materials, whether in dry or slurry form. This includes:
» Ceramic proppants
» Bauxite
» Kaolin clay
» Absorptive clays
» Ground Calcium Carbonate
» Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
» Cement
» Sand/mineral separation
» Alumina Oxide
» Refractory manufacturing
» Mullite


Robert Carlton, PE, FPE
Industrial Market Leader
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Dustin Allen
Senior Industrial
Mechanical Engineer
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