Over the course of many projects and years, our industrial team has been called on to handle a wide variety of bulk materials, both wet and dry.



Through our extensive plant experience, we have come to understand that bulk materials have many nuances factoring into their behavior. These handling characteristics and the methods employed to deal with them are often defined by such things as viscosity, slurry solids content, particle size, particle shape, ambient dust generation, friability, and combustibility. Our industrial group is familiar with a broad spectrum of pumping, conveying, and storage methods to address the needs of specified materials.

Some of the types of equipment specified for these activities include:
» Pumps
     – Centrifugal
     – Positive Displacement
» Conveyors
    – Belt
    – Screw
    – Bucket
    – Paddle
    – Drag
    – Pneumatic
» Mass Flow Measurement
» Mixing/Blending
» Storage/Withdrawal
» Loading/Unloading
» Emissions Control


Robert Carlton, PE, FPE
Industrial Market Leader
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Dustin Allen
Senior Industrial
Mechanical Engineer
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