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Nothing is more important than the safety and protection of life and property. Whether we are blanketing natural gas vapors with high expansion foam or evaluating life safety code compliances, Clark Nexsen actively protects people and assets every day.

»  Fire Protection Evaluation/Study
        – Code compliance evaluation
        – Model building code compliance
        – NFPA 101 (Life Safety Evaluation)
        – Other NFPA codes

»  Fire Protection Plans
        – Contract documents
        – Computer-generated hydraulic calculations
        – Life safety plans

»  Passive Systems
        – Building separation
        – Construction materials/methods
        – Fire/smoke barriers
        – Protection of openings

»  Active or Proactive
        – AFFF
        – Building separation
        – CO2
        – Dry chemical
        – Clean agents
        – Heat/smoke detection & alarm
        – Smoke control/exhaust
        – Sprinklers (wet, dry, deluge, or pre-action)
        – Standpipe systems

»  Fire Protection Survey/Reports
        – Fire damage investigation
        – Survey of existing passive/active/proactive systems
        – Water supply flow tests


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