We can provide the professionals needed to match staffing to project load, whether for a month, a year, or longer.



Contract to direct
Often our clients find themselves with a need for engineering professionals working under their direct supervision at the location of an operating plant or construction site. This can be the result of a peak in project load or staffing shortage. In these situations, Clark Nexsen can provide the professionals necessary to match staffing to project load, whether for a month, a year, or longer. This arrangement provides the client instant overview of the work product, as well as the flexibility to assign personnel to multiple small projects simultaneously. It also allows the freedom to move quickly and easily from an office environment to field supervision, often in the same day. When the project is completed, the contract employee simply returns to Clark Nexsen, allowing our client the ability to “right size” their internal engineering staff quickly and painlessly.

Contract to direct
This approach to hiring provides maximum flexibility with minimum risk. When a need arises, Clark Nexsen will perform a search based on our client’s criteria, identify individuals for approval and furnish those selected as contract employees. While working at the client’s facility and under their supervision, they may then be assessed for suitability as permanent employees. Should a contract employee be converted to permanent within the first six months, Clark Nexsen receives a fee for identifying and furnishing the individual. After six months of contract employment, a contract employee may be converted to permanent by our client at no charge. In this manner, a client is able to fill a vacancy on a trial basis, and eventually hire employees who are a proven fit for the position.


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Industrial Market Leader
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